Fourth of July
Jul 04, 2015
Fourth of July activities at the park! Go to[Click for more]

Fourth of July
Jul 04, 2015
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Pay fines online

To pay your fees online, visit GovPayNOW.

Enter the following codes to make payments:
Utilities - 6679
Parking Citations - 4931

Welcome to the Village of Ridgeway web site!

 Regular Office Hours

Monday: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Phone: 608-924-5881
Fax: 608-924-2056
For emergencies: 608-574-1797

Make Payments Simply

The Village of Ridgeway now accepts credit and debit card payments through
GovPayNet. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit or prepaid debit card using the link on this website. You can also pay them using your card at the Village of Ridgeway office at 113 Dougherty Court.
Payments can be made for:
• Parking Tickets
• Utilities
• Property Taxes (coming later)

To make a payment, you will need the following:

• Pay Location Code (PLC #)
• Payment Amount
• Name of person for whom payment is being paid
• Other specific information as indicated
GovPayNet is a privately contracted credit and debit card processor under an agreement with the agency
intended to receive payment. If the payment is bail or bail-related, GovPayNet is the merchant of record,
providing a remote cash bail processing service. For all other payments, the collecting agency is the merchant



Calendar of Events

Jul 04, 2015, Sat All Day
Jul 04, 2015, Sat All Day
Jul 07, 2015, Tue 07:00pm
Jul 08, 2015, Wed All Day
Jul 09, 2015, Thu 07:00pm
Jul 11, 2015, Sat 02:00pm
Jul 12, 2015, Sun 12:00am
Jul 13, 2015, Mon 12:00am
Jul 14, 2015, Tue 12:00am
Jul 15, 2015, Wed 12:00am
Jul 15, 2015, Wed All Day
Jul 16, 2015, Thu 12:00am
Jul 17, 2015, Fri 12:00am
Jul 18, 2015, Sat 01:00pm
Jul 22, 2015, Wed All Day
Jul 27, 2015, Mon All Day
Jul 29, 2015, Wed All Day
Jul 30, 2015, Thu 07:00pm
Aug 04, 2015, Tue 07:00pm
Aug 05, 2015, Wed All Day