Water & Sewer Utility


Tired of having to mail those utility payments, late fees and sometimes being lost in the mail? You can now sign up for Direct Pay! All payments automatically are deducted from your checking or saving account. Click HERE to for a fillable Direct Pay authorization form to complete, print and return it to the Village of Ridgeway office. You may also email or fax it to us.


Tired of all the paper in your mailbox? You can receive your utility bill electronically via email. If you are interested in receiving a paperless bill, click HERE for a fillable E-bill authorization form to complete, print and return it to the Village of Ridgeway office. You may also email or fax it to us.

We also offer online payments through the website using GovPay.net (a small fee is charged by GovPay). Click on the link located at the bottom of the home page. You can also pay your utility payments with your VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER card at the VILLAGE OFFICE.
NOTE: It may take up to 4 days for your payment to be applied to your account. Late fees may be charged during this time.

Service Fee Schedule (eff. 10/21/2016)

Transaction Range Service Fee
$0.01 > $50.00 $1.75
$50.01 > $75.00 $2.00
$75.01 > $100.00 $3.75
$100.01 > $150.00 $5.75
$150.01 > $200.00 $7.25

For each additional increment of $50.00, or portion thereof, add $2.00.

Avoid the service fees and possible late fees…sign up for Direct Pay by completing this form and drop it off at the Village Office.


If you are behind and wanting to catch up you may do a Deferred Payment Agreement and pay the past due amount over time, in addition to the new monthly charges. Click HERE for a fillable Deferred Payment Agreement to complete and print.


Wisconsin State Statute 66.0809 allows utilities to transfer any outstanding account balances as of October 31, for services provided prior to October 1, to the tax roll.  In order to maintain proper cash flow to provide services to our customers, Ridgeway Utilities follows this statute.

When the Utility transfers the outstanding balance to the tax roll, we are required to add a 10% penalty to the outstanding balance.  The total amount will be due and payable with the first installment of real estate taxes which are due to the Village of Ridgeway treasurer no later than January 31.

Formal letters will be sent to all customers/property owners with outstanding balances by the last full week of October each year. The assessment to the tax roll must be sent to the county in early November, customers wishing to avoid having their account balances levied on their tax bill must have their payment to the Utility no later than November 1. If you are unsure if you are at risk of your utility balance being put on the tax roll, please contact the Village office.

Residential customers who have previously made arrangements with the Utility for a payment schedule, have made all monthly payments as required, and have kept your current bill from becoming delinquent, those arrangements will continue.  If, however, you have not made the required monthly payment and kept your current charges paid within 20 days of the invoice, your outstanding balance will be transferred to the tax roll.

For residential customers who have not had a payment agreement, the Public Service Commission provides us with an opportunity to allow you to establish a payment schedule.  Please contact the Village office to discuss the options available.